Cet automne, ils se sont affichés dans le prestigieux Temple Bar à Dublin, temple de la musique irlandaise, triomphant là où de nombreux groupes célèbres ont fait leurs preuves. Groupe de musique irlandaise de Rhone-Alpes Groupe_de_musique_irlandaise_de_Rhone-Alpes
Le Dauphiné Libéré, GRENOBLE

Le Dauphiné Libéré, GRENOBLE

“A group of Irish music virtuosos from France, I though that just didn’t exist !”
Studio Elektra - Temple Bar (Dublin)

Director of The Elektra Studio, Temple Bar, Dublin.

Irish Kind Of Trio

Maïté Louis

Maïté Louis, violon et chant / fiddle and voice

fiddle and voice

From her first public performances at the tender age of 8, Maité went on , 5 years later, to be the youngest ever performer at the prestigious Berlioz Festival in France. This was quickly followed up with the Prix d’honneur of the “Royaume de la Musique” (France Music Radio) and shortly afterwards she gained an entry to the Geneva conservatory of music where she later won a prize for best soloist. More recently, in 2010, she attained second place in the Glazounov International Violin Competition. Throughout her career Maité has benefited from advice and teaching from many of the world’s great violin masters such as Ivry Gitlis, Patrice Fontanarosa and Nejmi Succari. Being a seasoned traveller to Ireland Maité became passionate about Irish music from an early age and joining the Irish Kind Of trio was a very natural step.

Jacques HUERT

Jacques Huert, flûte / whistle


Jacque’s love affair with Ireland started when, at the age of 18, he embarked on a hitch hiking tour taking him to the very centre of Irish music, the towns of Kilkee and Kilrush. The next 10 years would see him making many more visits, dividing his time between the music and …. fly fishing. After gaining Diplomas in flute and oboe from the Strasbourg conservatory and orchestral direction from Geneva conservatory Jacques began teaching the two instruments and also held the position of oboe soloist in West Germany. The teaching continues and Jacques is currently transmitting his knowledge and passion at the Grenoble conservatory. He has found in Maité and Bruno two friends to quench his thirst for Irish music.


Bruno FOUREL, guitare, guitar

guitare, guitar

A professional musician and teacher for more than 15 years Bruno has training in both classical and jazz guitar enabling a wide range of styles from Blues through to rock and even hard rock. Currently guitarist and lead vocals with the Riverside Electric Band and soloist in the Daphnée Quartet he is returning to an old stomping ground : Irish music, with Irish Kind Of.


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N'hésitez pas à nous contacter au 06 60 43 91 32 ou à nous envoyer un mail sur contact@irishkindof.fr


1h20 de musique traditionnelle irlandaise (instrumental et vocal), avec sonorisation et lumière.


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2h (ou plus...) de musique festive (instrumental et vocal), avec sonorisation et lumière.